Cat Camp - Tiny tents for cats

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Introduction and vision


Cat Camp is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of the world’s first dedicated tent series for cats. Our product has been custom designed with an extreme focus on quality and cat comfort whilst retaining a unique design.

The business was founded by two business partners that have a background in e-commerce, and has a vision to put one of our amazing Cat Tents in the estimated 40 million American households that have cats.

"We were both inspired by the miniature display tents at outdoors shops. We both thought they would be great for cats so decided to design and build our product."

Contact details

Scott Williamson



Based in Melbourne, Australia

 Jaclyn Benstead



Based in Melbourne, Australia

Product Introduction

Like most camping equipment, tents have become increasingly specialized, and this should be no different for your cat.

But searching for the right Cat Tent can be a daunting task if you don’t know or understand what your cat is looking for. We had an expert team of stray and domesticated cats personally test over 20 small model tents to find the best tent accommodation. With their unique insight and feedback, we researched and evaluated dozens of characteristics to find the perfect camping tent for them.

The research ranked each Cat Tent on its ease-of-setup, comfort, weather durability, liveability and specific cat tastes.  With the help of some leading outdoor engineers, we then crafted the best lightweight Cat Tent - and wanted to share it with the world.

Whether planning to head out for a few nights under the stars, or looking for a unique resting place for your cat, Cat Camp is a great addition for the home.

For best use, let your cat pitch its tent close to the campfire (aka. winter heater). The weave is too tight for the cats to get their claws into and the fabric is very easy to clean.

Product features

Cat Camp designs its Cat Tents with an extreme focus on quality and camping integrity, making sure that your cat doesn't miss out on features of a real tent.

Product background

The Cat Camp business and Cat Tent product was inspired and modelled after the miniature size tents you see at camping stores, which one unsuspecting candidate unwittingly brought home only to find his cat rolling out its sleeping bag inside. 
The Cat Tent is perfectly designed for a cat’s tastes, with a durable exterior tent cover coupled with a comfy, dark and cozy interior microfiber fleece. The Cat Tent has been diligently tested by numerous expert cats and found to be the perfect environment for them to be happy.

Product pricing and rates

Cat Camp sells its professional Cat Tents for $59.95, with a variety of color options including blue, red and green. 10% of every tent sold goes directly to helping Cats in need. We donate to the Humane Society of the United States.

Sponsorship details

Cat Camp is seeking promotion and sponsorship for media outlets and can offer free product to the right partners. Please contact us here.