Cat Camp - Tiny tents for cats

About Cat Camp

We set out to create the most unique, high-quality cat bed. This product is modeled on full-size tent and made to look just like the real thing. Cat Camp is a great addition to any house and a cozy hideaway for all cats.

Cats love small, dark and comfy places - this behavior is instinctive so they can hide from predators and they naturally feel safe when the walls of a box or tent come into contact with their little furry bodies.

But searching for the right Cat Tent can be a daunting task if you don’t know or understand what your cat is looking for.

We had an expert team of cats personally test over 20 small model tents to find the most realistic looking Cat Tent with all the comforts cats love. 

The research ranked each Cat Tent on its ease-of-setup, comfort, weather durability, livability and specific cat tastes.  With the help of some leading outdoor engineers, we then crafted the best lightweight Cat Tent - and wanted to share it with the world.

Whether you're planning to head out for a few nights under the stars or just looking for a unique resting place for your cat, Cat Camp is a great addition for any living room.

For best use, let your cat pitch their tent close in a nice warm spot. The weave is too tight for your cat's claws, and the fluffy microfiber fabric is very easy to clean.

The business was founded by two business partners from Australia that have a background in e-commerce. We have a vision to put one of our amazing Cat Tents in each of the estimated 40 million American households that have cats.

10% of profits from the sale of each tent is donated Alley Cat Allies, to help cats in need.