Cat Camp - Tiny tents for cats

Welcome to Cat Camp

Welcome to Cat Camp - the #1 destination to find the best tents for your cat. 

Like most camping equipment, tents have become increasingly specialized, and this should be no different for your cat.

Our team personal tested over 20 small model tents to find the best one for your cat. The interior floor of the Cat Tent is coated in a soft and luxurious fluffy microfiber, providing your cat with a comfortable airy interior. 

We know that cats are always looking for the most comfortable camping spot. One that will help them feel secure and dry against any number of extreme weather events, be it storms, rain and strong winds or touchy friends and family.

The Cat Tent gives your cat the ventilation it needs to stay cool on a hot summer day, and also nice and cosy during winter with its fluffy microfiber interior. Whether planning to head out for a few nights under the stars, and looking for a unique resting place for your cat, the Cat Tent from Cat Camp is a great addition to the home.